Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

No human loss in floods after early warning system


He also said that he could not earn more by selling from home, but still it was better to sell at lower price than letting it go waste.

“This year I am selling an apple at Rs. 5 and about three to four customers come to my home to buy apple on daily basis,” he said.

Since they send the apples to their relatives who live far away and they also give apples as gift to the guests, they are unable to become commercial apple growers, he added.

The rural municipality has managed budget to develop ‘Apple Pocket’ sector in different places of Putha Utaranga Rural Municipality.

Considering the demand of the farmers of Taksera and Hukam, the rural municipality has allocated budget for the pocket areas.

Chair of Rural Municipality Omkumar Shahi said that in the fiscal year 2019/20, the government had allocated Rs. 2 million in Taksera and Rs. 2.5 million Hukam.