Saturday, 28 March, 2020

No flights to Megauli airport


By Our Correspondent
Chitwan, Dec. 8: Airlines operators are reluctant to operate flights to Meghauli Airport in Chitwan even when Bharatpur Airport of the same district which is 25 kilometers away from it remained closed for 10 days for maintenance works.
Meghauli Airport was closed some 12 years ago but it could not be resumed despite the fact that Bharatpur Airport remained closed, said Krishna Bhurtel, state Assembly member from Chitwan.
Bhurtel said that no airlines displayed their readiness to operate flights in Meghauli Airport when Bharatpur Airport was closed, he said.
We stared the discussion to operate the airport but it only limited in discussion only, he said. The grassy run-way is the reason behind the reluctance of airlines companies to operate flight there, he added.
Pawan Gautam, chief of Bharatpur Airport, said that large plane could not land due to grassy runway at Meghauli Airport. The length of the Meghauli Airport is 1000m while that of Bharatpur Airport is 1200m.
He said that private airlines did not show their readiness to take risk due to non blacktopped run-way in Meghauli, which was in operation for some 12 years ago when Tiger Tops Resort was in operation.
There are four star level hotels in Meghauli.

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