Sunday, 5 December, 2021

NEPSE suspends share trading as prices hit new high


Kathmandu, June 30: The Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd ( NEPSE) today decided to temporarily halt share trading after its indices jumped unusually.    

The domestic share market was opened today after a long closure due to the nationwide lockdown against coronavirus coming into effect from March 24.    

The market had opened around after 100 days with a brief opening in the midst of the lockdown. In the second week of Baiskah, the market remained open for two days and was closed following a continuous fall.    

The June 28 meeting of the Securities Board of Nepal agreed to reopen the market from today.    

The NEPSE put circuit breakers thrice today after the prices hit a new high after the COVID-19 crisis. Today, the domestic share market increased by a total 72.05 points. The sensitive index also went up by 15.63 points.    

Today, 489,537 units of share of a total 134 companies were traded and the total transactions was Rs 227,212,194.