Saturday, 24 July, 2021

NEPSE rises significantly on first trading day of new fiscal year


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, July 19: On the first trading day of the new fiscal year 2021/22, both the benchmark capital index NEPSE and the turnover increased significantly on Sunday.

The NEPSE index posted a double-digit growth of 97.21 points (3.37 per cent) to reach 2,980.61. The sensitive index which measures the performance of group ‘A’ companies also increased by 19.55 points (3.61 per cent) to close at 560.96 points.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, sub-indices of all groups have increased significantly which contributed to the double-digit growth.

Sub-index of life insurance group posted the highest growth of 648.46 points (3.81 per cent) followed by non-life insurance and development bank group whose indices increased by 441.22 points (3.15 per cent) and 233.09 points (5.05 per cent) respectively.

Similarly, microfinance, manufacturing and production, banking and hotels and tourism groups’ sub-indices increased by 190.98 points, 165.31 points, 92.58 points and 58.58 points respectively.

The sub-index of the trading sector has increased by 33.98 points, hydropower by 45.5 points, finance by 35.24 points, others by 19.81 points, investment by 1.71 points and mutual fund by 0.53 points in today’s transaction.

A total of 28,863,093 shares worth Rs. 11.63 billion of 221 companies were sold in 116,294 transactions today. The daily share turnover had tumbled to around Rs. 4.5 billion on July 5 from around Rs. 19.5 billion on June 13.Shares of five companies traded at a positive circuit today while 39 others traded at positive circuit levels.

Shares of Himalayan Power Partner, Singati Hydro Energy, Sindhu Bikas Bank, Ngadi Group Power and Samriddhi Finance rose by 10 per cent on the day. However, the share price of Nabil Samriddhi Fund-2 decreased by 5.37 per cent, followed by Goodwill Finance Debenture by 3.33 per cent and Global IME Bank Debenture by 2.42 per cent.