Friday, 30 October, 2020

Naukunda Gosainkunda trekking trail under development


By Hemnath Khariwada
Rasuwa, Sept. 24: Naukunda Gaunpalika of Rasuwa district is developing Naukunda Gosainkunda trekking trail. The Gaunpalika has forwarded the preparation of detailed project report of the trekking trail by completing it’s feasibility study.
The local level has started the process of developing trekking trail to promote tourism in Naukunda, the touristic destination shadowed in lack of proper publicity. “Though there are abundant tourism attractions in Gaunpalika, it hasbeen lagging behind in lack of proper management and publicity of those attractions” said Sirjana Lama, vice chair of Naukunda Gaunpalika.
The project is advanced to help local people improve their livelihood through direct and indirect involvement in tourism business by attracting domestic and international tourists in the village, Lama said.
“This Gaunpalika has immense potentialities of tourism development through pilgrimage and trekking, she said adding that it has yet to develop these tourism activities in lack of plan and program. “Now, we have taken initiative to exploit it’s tourism potential conducting required study,” she said.
In Naukunda Gosainkunda Trekking Trail, priority has been given to two trails one starting from Seven-stairs Royal Palace of Nuwakot and another stating from Uttargayadham Betrawati in Rasuwa. These two trails has been designed to take on trail to reach to Naukunda and another to return from there, Lama said.
Starting from Seven-stairs Royal Palace in Nuwakot, the trail passes through Ward 4 of Naukunda Gaunpalika, Saramthali, Patikharka, Pachryang, , Lachyrangtar, Harsha, Simbandi and Doklang to reach Naukunda. ThroughThrough this trail, Naukunda can be reached in the third day spending first night in Saramthali and second night in Simbandi.
Similarly, another trail starting from Uttargayadham Betrawati passes through Smbas, Aanpchour, Sarsue, Lokil, Jurdhunga, Bijulidhunga, Langbu, Thangdir, Simbandi,Deurali, Baluwa and Baksat to reach in Naukunda.
According to Gaunpalika, of nine kundas (ponds), the kunda at the highest altitude is at 4,500m from the sea level. Nine kundas are situated together.
Those nine kundas include Lamakunda,Rajakunda, Ranikunda, Temkunda, Dikunda, Chulhokund and Sirkunda among others.
Gaunpalika has informed that it would work in constructing infrastructures including resting area, toilets along the trail after competing the DPR works.
While trekking in the trails, different peaks of Rasuwa, Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts including Gaurishankhar, Langtang, Ganesh, Dorje Lakpa and Yala Peak can be viewed. 

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