Thursday, 13 August, 2020

Melung Gaunpalika gives 67 mini-tillers to farmers


By Our Correspondent

Dolakha, Aug : 2 Melung Gaunpalika of Dolakha district has distributed mini-tillers to farmers’ groups and farms operating in the Gaunpalika.
Nara Bahadur Shrestha, chief of Melung Gaunpalika, said that a total of 67 subsidised mini-tillers were distributed to farmers by using the fund of Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project and the budget of the Gaunpalika.
Shrestha informed that of the total, 37 mini-tillers were provided at 75 per cent subsidy from the budget of the Gaunpalika while remaining 30 were distributed at 50 per cent subsidy from the fund of Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project. The market price of each mini-tiller is Rs. 50,000.
Hira Thokar, spokesperson of the Gaunpalika, said that those mini-tillers were distributed to encourage farmers engaged in agriculture. It will motivate farmers to involve in agriculture when the trend of keeping oxen for agricultural purpose is gradually decreasing, he said.
Thokar informed that the Gaunpalika was going to organise training for farmers to enable them for self-maintenance of the mini-tillers.
Earlier, the Gaunpalika had distributed the saplings of avocado and apple for the purpose of agricultural modernization.

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