Saturday, 19 September, 2020

Local vegetable produces choice of consumers


Damauli, May 23:  Local consumers in the outskirts of Damauli bazaar are reaching farmlands seeking fresh vegetable products as they are concerned about their health when the pandemic of coronavirus poses a grave health threat.    

Consumers are taking time to visit nearby farmlands to purchase fresh and hygienic produces as local markets started supplying vegetables imported from other districts.    

Vegetable farming conducted on a riverbank at Patan of Byas municipality-5 these days is attracting consumers. According to farmer Chijamaya Joshi, currently, 40 to 50 people reach her farm on a daily basis in search of fresh vegetables. This number was very less before lockdown, she added.    

Farmers here face no problems to find consumers for the produces. ''We have no problem of market these days as consumers themselves visit us to buy our products,'' she said.    

Kyam Bahadur Bote of the same locality is happy for finding a good market for watermelons he has produced in a ditch. As he said, he is getting Rs 50 per kg for the fruit.    

Bishnu Giri of Ranigaun from Byas municipality-10 said he decided to directly purchase vegetables as he wished to consume fresh and hygienic produces instead of that imported from outside district.    

''It is heard that markets here are packed with imported vegetables and I fear to visit there as I don't want to take any risk when the infection of contagious disease is very high. Consumption of locally produced vegetables is double beneficial: we feel that is safer than imported and on the other hand local farmers can easily get market,'' he shared.    

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