Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Landslide blocks Karnali River in Bajura, Water level decreases by 50%


By Prem Raj Sinkhada, Kalikot, Oct. 12: The water level in Karnali River has decreased. According to the locals, the Karnali River suddenly fell 10 to 15 meters below normal this morning. Lanka Bahadur Bam, a teacher in Palanta, said that the water level of the Karnali River has been decreased by 15 meters and turned into a river. He said that the locals have become panic-stricken after the water level suddenly decreased.

Palanta's sub-engineer Surendra Khand Thakuri also said that the water level has decreased rapidly and the locals have started fishing on the banks of the river. He also requested the security forces and others to inform everyone about it.

In Palanta, the phone is not working well, the locals are scared on one side and are busy fishing on the other side. If the Karnali River is blocked, by a landslide, there will be a huge human loss if the landslide itself erupts.

The Karnali River, which flows through Hilsa of Humla, is also the longest river in Nepal. After the water level of the Karnali River decreased at once people have panicked. The security forces are also on high alert. Inspector at the District Police Office, Kalikot, Mahesh Shahi said that the water level of the Karnali River was decreased by 50 per cent. According to the police, the Karnali River was blocked due to the landslide of Juddi in Bajura.