Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Jumla supplies 6,500 metric tons apple   


Khalanga, Oct 22 : Jumla alone has supplied 6,500 metric tons of apples amounting around Rs 342 million.  

Balakram Devkota, Chief, District Agriculture Development Office, said Jumla has exceeded financial income from the sale of apples in comparison to past two years.   

The apple transaction was Rs 160 million in the fiscal year 2074/75 and Rs 170 million in the fiscal year 2075/76, he shared. 

"In comparison to two fiscal years, income around Rs 170 million has been increased this year from apple farming", he added.

With the rise in attraction of farmers towards apple farming in Jumla, the focus is given to increase its production. 

It may be noted that 16,500 households are relying on apple framing in Jumla. In an average, a farmer earns up to Rs 600,000 from the apple farming.  

Nara Rawat and Mahendra Budha of Tila rural municipality-1 had shared that they had raised income ranging from Rs 200,000 to Rs 400,000 from the apple supply. 

12,000 metric tons apples produced    
According to the District Agriculture Development Office, more than 12,000 metric tons apple was produced in Jumla this year. It is the highest yield of apple so far in the past two years. 

As per the data up to mid-October, Jumla alone had supplied 6,500 metric tons apples. With this the district farmers have generated an income of Rs 340 million.    

Jumla has total 39,435 hectares cultivable land. Apple was yielded only in 1,447 hectares land out of 3,700 hectares cultivated. A farmer in an average had produced 8.25 metric tons apples in the district.