Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Fuel tankers, trucks loaded with food grains enter Nepal freely


By Our Correspondent

Nepalgunj, Mar 20: The Jamunaha check post of Nepal-India border has been shut down stopping the cross-border entry of all passenger vehicles as a measure to prevent the entry of coronavirus.
However, the goods carrying trucks and fuel tankers are moving across the border freely, which showed there would be no dearth of essentials items in Nepal.
Ninety four fuel tankers entered the country via Nepalgunj border point in two days - Wednesday and Thursday.
Santi Ram Niraula, chief of Nepalgunj Customs, said that they had restricted the entry of passenger vehicles, but fuel tankers, gas bullets, food and vegetable carrying trucks had been passing through the post easily.
The vehicles carrying essential goods have been entering Nepal like in the past, but no vehicle carrying medicines has entered Nepal for a week.
According to the Customs Office, 25 diesel tankers, 12 gas bullets, eight petrol tankers and three aviation fuel tankers passed through Nepalgunj border point on Wednesday.
Similarly, 33 petrol tankers, 11 gas bullets, one kerosene oil tanker and one petrol tanker entered on Thursday.
Through this check point altogether 2,20,930 kg rice entered Nepal in a week, said Niraula.
Moreover, during this period, more than 1 million kg of gas, 3,360 kilolitre diesel, 1,080 kilolitre petrol, 160 kilolitre gas and 40 kilolitre kerosene entered through this check point, he said.
There won’t be a shortage of gas, petrol, diesel and food grains due to the regular entry of such items through the customs point without any obstacles, said Niraula.