Thursday, 29 October, 2020

‘E-Token’ planned to manage crowd in transport offices


By Shiva Kumar Kasi
Hetauda, Oct. 17: The Bagmati State government has decided to issue online ‘e-tokens’ to manage the crowd and the unmanaged queues seen in the transportation offices.
As the Constitution of the country transferred the rights of transportation management to the states, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development has decided to issue the online e-tokens for the quality services in public transportation.
Nabin Kumar Singh, chief of the Transportation Department in Bagmati State, said that all 10 offices that were providing transportation services were almost ready to provide the token-based service.
“The risk of virus infection could be minimised by avoiding crowds and we are planning for the same,” he said.
Singh further said that the offices of public transportation were defamed due to the interference of the agents which would be controlled with the introduction of the token-based service system.
According to him, customers can visit the websites of the department or the related office where they will be automatically guided for the services, services charges and the documents required to be submitted for the desired service.
“Date and time for the service to the customer appears in their screens itself, they must follow the descriptions to get the services easily,” he added.
The transporation offices have to deliver services like vehicle registration, renewal, route permit, vehicles grading, issuing driving license, allowing or renewing driving licenses for the people each day. The agents are the busiest person in such offices to negotiate and facilitate the customers.
Bhakta Bahadur Bhandari, Chief of Transportation Office, said that public delivery would be fast and easy after the installment of the token-based system.
Transportation is the major source of revenue to the state government. 

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