Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Despite Indian ban on export, onions arriving in Kathmandu


By Laxman Kafle
Kathmandu, Oct. 31: Although the Indian government has imposed a ban on the export of onion, Indian onion is still arriving in Nepal.
“Onion is entering Nepal from India despite the ban in the export by the government of India,” said Binaya Shrestha, deputy director and information officer of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board.
According to him, around 30-40 tonnes of Indian onion is being supplied to the Kalimtai market on the daily basis for the last couple of weeks. The arrival of onion is less than its supply in normal time, he said.
Around 120 tonnes of onion used to enter Kathmandu on daily basis during the normal time.
He said that traders are also supplying onions to other vegetables market of the valley.
He, however, said that the price of onion was yet to decrease in the market even after importing onion from India to meet the demand in the Kathmandu Valley.
The wholesale price of onion is Rs. 130 per kilogram in Kalimati market, he said, adding that the traders were encouraged to supply onion to Nepal taking risk of ban to earn more profits.
Interestingly, all onions arriving in Nepal are supplied from India is coming through Nepali customs as the traders are using informal ways to supply onion to Nepal, Shrestha told The Rising Nepal.
India had banned the export of onion on September 14 after its price increased in the Indian markets due to its short supply.
“The import of onion from India was almost nil for a few weeks after the ban on its import was imposed. The supply of onion became regular after three week,” he said.
The vegetable traders at Kalimati Bhagawan Chandra Upreti said that the Nepali traders were importing onion from India through the customs even after the ban imposed by Indian on its export.
He claimed that around 70 tonnes of onion was enteringKathmandu on the daily basis at present.
“Due to increase in the price of onion in India itself, its price could not decrease in Kathmandu,” he said.
He also said that the traders were also importing Chinese onion to meet the demand. The price of Chinese onion is slightly lower than the price of the Indian onion.
The wholesale price of Chinese onion is Rs.115 per kilogram in Kalimati market.
After the ban in onion export by India, price of onion increased by two folds overnight in Kathmandu. Price of onion reached Rs. 150 per kilogram in retail shops.
In the meantime, the government inspected the market and took action against a few traders who involved in black-marketing of onion.