Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Apple trees in Marpha bear healthy fruits in abundance this year, farmers elated (Photo feature)


By Amrit Prasad Paudel, Beni, July 25: Marpha of Mustang district is a brand name for apple in the country as many people would love to have apples from Marpha. The place in the district beyond the Himalayas is known for its juicy and sweet apples.

And this year, apple trees in Marpha have set more and healthier fruits compared to the fruits they bore last year. This has elated the farmers.

"We are optimistic and elated because apple trees have yielded more fruits this year and we have the road still operational. We hope to make a good sale and income, although we could not sell apples in time as there was no good road. If rains slow down in the coming month, we will have better quality apples. This year we have a better irrigation facility and also the winter was favourable, which resulted in impressive production of apple fruits," sad Dipak Lalchan, an apple farmer in Marpha.

Amrit Subedi, a hotelier in Mustang, said, "Apples have grown in abundance this year and they look very attractive. I can estimate that the farmers will get a good income this year."

Here are some photos of the apple tree and fruits taken recently.