Sunday, 11 April, 2021

A nursery in Humla produces 85,000 seedlings of apple, walnuts


By Rajan Rawat, Humla, Apr. 6: A fruit nursery firm of Humla has grown 85 thousand seedlings. Two youths from Humla have started to grow seedling in the district. Before this, it was being purchased from outside the district. 

Sundar Rawat, one of the two owners of Himali Organic Agro Firm, said that the fruit nursery which was established last year has grown 85 thousand seedlings of apple and walnuts. 

Two youths from Simikot-5, Sundar Rawat and Dambar Rawat, realized that there was an out flux of revenue outside the district when seedlings (Apple and Walnuts) were being purchased from outside the district, and subsequently they registered the nursery and commenced production of seedlings.

This year, the nursery has produced 85 thousand seedlings of apple and walnuts in the nursery.  The firm sold 2 thousand seedlings which were not grafted. However it is planning to sell all grafted-seedlings from next year.

Price of a seedling of walnut is Rs 700 and that of an apple is Rs 75.

Rawat, who is also an agriculture technician, said that the purchase order for seedlings of apple and walnut has already been received for next year. 

The firm has sown fruit seeds on two ropani of lands. It has started fruit and vegetable nursery in the 2 ropani of rented land. The firm has also started fruit and vegetable farming in 10 ropani of leased land. Farm which has started to earn income from vegetable and non-grafted seedlings is quite optimistic of a good profit next year.